George C Scott reacts to Star Wars on Blu-ray...

...but I needed Hitler to explain why

Studies curriculum - Revised and condensed

After some reflection, I've condensed my education subjects list, regrouped a couple items, and added some additional study. In theory, this will be a more manageable list of studies, and provide more focus for taking action on my studies.

Fall semester studies

It's fall, and many people are going back to school. I'm not among them, but I've rarely gone to school for my education. There are several topics I've been studying though, or interested in, so in the spirit of the season I decided to formalize my study of these topics this semester. So what am I going to be learning through the end of the year?


Presidential principles

It's one thing to say, this is my candidate, and another thing entirely to be able to articulate why, and to persuade the undecided through the explication of principles. Often, those with whom we speak will be unable to agree on the particular candidate, but will often be agreeable to the values we promote in the support of that candidate. As it stands, the Democrat candidate is nearly guaranteed, while the Republican field is wide open.

Flying to San José for the weekend

Hey intrepid readers, I'm flying out to California this weekend for my Great-Uncle's 90th birthday party. This won't interrupt my article posting, since I have no regular schedule, but is likely to interrupt the thus-far-continuous stream of links on the left sidebar. Tell me what you think of that, by the way. I've also added a place to comment just under my photo on the right.

I could say more, but my plane leaves in 8 hours, and I still need to take care of a few things. Check out some links, leave a comment, have a good time. I'll be back Monday.

Love at future sight

I decided it's high time I make sense of this whole dating, marriage, sex business; that whole area so crucial to the continuation of human life on this planet, right? I'm semi-well equipped for this mission: I'm a human male in the prime mating age, well read in spiritual teachings, dedicated to the will of our Father in Paradise, and trusting that He wants me to raise a family while still on this world.

Milton Friedman - My economist of choice

I've read his book Free to Choose and watched much of the show; I recommend them to anyone with an interest in real economics. If you're a big fan of Keynesian economics, you'll find this ridiculous. Or you'll learn something. Relevant quotes from elsewhere:

Tau = 2Pi

Browsing the Better Explained blog's Aha section I came across what may be the first reference I've seen to using τ as the circle constant. It hadn't occurred to me before, except for my distaste with using 2π radians for a full circle and the attendant confusion involved.

Comments: Please post, be patient

For anyone who might be wondering, and because I saw a "testing" comment come through, I thought it would be good to note the current state of comments here.


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